Monday, 25 August 2014

Scaling new heights of meh-ness

What's worse? 

The mad frenzied flurry of pre-holiday preparation, where favourite t-shirts are retrieved from under beds and quickly laundered, where you squeeze two weeks of work into one and where websites are scoured looking for in car boredom busting games for a family of 5 travelling for 5 hours?

Or the slump that follows the excited ripping open of holiday boxes of fudge, the laundry bin being consumed by every pair of underpants we possess, and the startling absence of inspiring views and excited children for daily photos. 

No I'm not sure either. 

So I apologise for the meh-ness that is this week's 365 project. 

Last inspiring view from holiday. Where will we go on the meh scale from here? Higher or lower?

I think the Wee One peeling carrots is pretty well at the top of the scale but you never know. Higher or lower?

Lower. Princess snatched a few minutes of fun with the rc car while the boys were distracted. Now, higher or lower?

Higher! This, ladies and gentlemen is an abstract, filter enhanced, bedside lamp shot at 23.57. Yep, new giddy heights. Higher or lower?

Fractionally lower I'd say but only courtesy of a sticking out tongue.

A good deal lower on the meh scale but only because, ironically, the Big One and friend climbed higher.

And to finish off the week, high on the meh scale, a shopping list. The last 5 items were added by the Big One perhaps sensing the general meh-ness and providing a solution.

May all your weeks be meh free!

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Five On Tour

We've been on tour.
Well technically a tour would suggest multiple locations so perhaps the hashtag I chose to use on Instagram wasn't very well thought out. But #fiveonholiday doesn't have the same cache as #fiveontour so I repeat, we've been on tour.

Wales was our location of choice, specifically Porthmadog in the North West and overlooking the Snowdonia National Park. Can I just say, "Stunning scenery!" 

But can I also just say, "Changeable weather!"

There was bonding over crabbing in the harbour, and a sunset BBQ with friends. That sand gets very cold once the sun goes down, but standing on the spot where the BBQ fizzled out is a lovely way to warm the toes. Top tip right there. 

Beaches played a key role as did the rocks over which the Wee One leapt without a thought for his paranoid mother.

And then we went to a couple more beaches just to be sure we filled the beach quota. And filled the car with sand.

Today I went back to work, Misty Moo was collected from her doggy holidays and all the possible washing machine hours were fully utilised. And we all said what a lovely time we had.

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

7 Reasons to love where I live

The summer break has so far been spent within 10 miles of our front door.
We are very lucky in that we like where we live or this week could have been a bit of a drag!

Here are 7 reasons to love where we live:

Actually here are 100 reasons to love our manor this week. 100+ Aston Martins in the shadow of our favourite house in the county, Burghley House.

The Wee One out did himself by having a tantrum in the middle of the grand circle of astonishingly luxurious cars, shouting and screaming that he wanted to buy one. Explaining he only had £1.27 in his piggy bank did little to appease him. On sympathetic owner kindly explained that it had taken him 50 years to save up for his Aston Martin so if the Wee One kept saving his pocket money, maybe he could buy one by the time he is 50 too.

Aston Martin rally at Burghley by Fivegoblogging

The stone that prevails through Stamford and the evocative doorways, hinting at a mysterious past.

Stamford Stone by Fivegoblogging

You can be a champion cheerleader and gymnast in a small town where there aren't many cheerleaders or gymnasts! She did brilliantly even though the competition wasn't exactly hot.

Champion by Fivegoblogging

That sky, that view and nothing but a hedge to spoil it.

Rutland view by Fivegoblogging

We make our own sherry. No, we don't but the weather has been so perfect in our little micro climate that a chilled sherry as I was working one evening made perfect sense.

Sherry? Why ever not! by Fivegoblogging

The county is pretty flat which makes learning to ride a bike that little bit easier. By the way, she taught herself to ride a bike on Friday in a friend's garden. She went from not even wanting to sit on a bike, to one lesson with Daddy with a reassuring grip on the saddle, to riding the full length of the garden unaided. Seriously, how does that even happen?

Let's go ride a bike by Fivegoblogging

The town is so small that I have taken a photo of every single view, except this one. It was going to be a view of the sky, but the Wee One wanted a selfie and then I photobombed my own shot!

Photobombed selfie by Fivegoblogging

Next week is another week of being local tourists in between working. That is until Saturday when we will be Wales-bound. Cannot wait!

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Silent Sunday

Sunday, 27 July 2014


Summer holidays already!
And I know the next 6 weeks will fly by and I'll be saying "Back to school already!".

But there will obviously also be days that drag with boredom, where the kids have forgotten how to use their own imagination and where I have to squeeze in some work at home. I don't subscribe to the school of filling my children's days for them with an agenda of activities, day trips and play dates. I am happy to point to the garden and say, "There you go. Play." and see what their imaginations can come up with using a broom, a football and a flowerpot. Please don't think that those are their only toys. They can use the washing line too if they want.

I want them to have fun, and when we can, we will be taking trips, seeing friends and going on outings. But I also want them to have the freedom to use their imagination and 6 long weeks of summer seems like a great time to do so.

Who needs any toys when you can run in the rain!

In the rain - Five Go Blogging

Exploring nature in the house.

Moth watch - Five Go Blogging

Throw and catch.

Throw and catch - Five Go Blogging

Perfecting cartwheels.

Cartwheels - Five Go Blogging

Experimenting with bouncy things on bouncy things. Result: bouncy!

Bouncy - Five Go Blogging

Have bike, will travel. Except with a puncture.

Puncture - Five Go Blogging

He was completely absorbed by 4 years of football cards and stickers, creating his own unique team. It was an hour of entertainment and I was completely surplus to requirements.

Absorbed - Five Go Blogging

I hope your summer holidays have all started off well and will continue to be filled with lots of fun and laughter. And gin, should the fun and laughter be lacking on that day.

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Saturday, 19 July 2014

7 illusions and a gracious thank you.

Things are not always as they appear.

This may be a grass seed but in her imagination it is a miniature bunch of flowers.

This may look like a fishtail loomband bracelet but is in fact a double fishtail loomband bracelet (as named by the Big One before we found out it is in fact actually called a double fishtail).

Double fishtail - Fivegoblogging

I may look like a pre-schooler but I think you will find I have graduated.

I graduated - Fivegoblogging

I may look like a beautiful English rose against a perfect summer sky but I am actually poised across your path ready to deploy my razor thorns and strike upon your forehead at any moment.

Thorny rose - Fivegoblogging

I may look intricate and complicated but I can be created by a 6 year old in a matter of minutes.

Bracelet braiding - Fivegoblogging

I may look like a random assortment of scrap metal atop a beaten up car but I am in fact a mobile art installation.

Is it art? - Fivegoblogging

I may look like I am going to kick the ball this way but I will actually be kicking the ball the other way and breaking the drainpipe.

Dummy kick - Fivegoblogging

I may look like a popular blog with my highest ever Tots100 ranking ever but I am in fact a spam-magnet with an occasional hardy reader who I would like to thank graciously.

 *offers thanks graciously*

Please pop along to some much higher ranked bloggers than I including the wonderful The Boy and Me.

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