Saturday, 12 April 2014


School holidays and the tally so far is 
Kids: eleventy million - Mum: two

This parenting lark can be hard work. Watching everyone out jogging this morning inspired by the London marathon got me pondering whether I'd rather run a marathon (or half marathon, or a mile actually) or spend another day with a quarrelsome threesome determined to wear their mother down to a lip-quivering mess. The marathon/half marathon/mile won.

*deep breath*

I had a gin and ginger this afternoon to smooth the ruffles in my feathers after a trip up to Burghley. We went to see some sporty motors and snaffle some tasters at the Fine Food Fair but it all went awry when I didn't buy cupcakes for them. Obviously the picnic I made and the sweets I bought them were not enough. Stupid me.

The gin was lovely though. 

Kids: 2 - Balloon: 0

Kids: 0 - Me and the mud: 1

Kids: 26,329 bounces - Me: shattered

Deer: 1 and missing one antler - Me: 1 shot in the bag

Kids: 5,654 for being brilliant at their activity days - Me: -23 for being worn down by the one child who stayed home

Kids: 12 mph - me: broken back from pushing the go kart 

Kids: 45 minutes in the bath - me: 45 minutes getting a numb bum watching kid in the bath

I'm hoping that this week will level the scores out a little bit! 

Hope your Easter holidays are being kind to you x

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Silent Sunday

Saturday, 5 April 2014


Swings. Of the mood variety. Up and down. Unpredictable. Bloomin' exhausting. Short tempered. End of term and we all need a break.

I am hoping that a couple of weeks of fresh air, exercise and some wholesome family activities will sort us (me) out. And maybe another trip beachward! That sand may have got where no sand is welcome but we all had such a lovely day  evident from the lack of bickering, the laughter and the gentle snores from the back seat on the way home.

Hopefully the Easter holidays will bring more of the same.

Up on the dunes.

Down in the dumps with a 'sore' hand.

Up and down and round and round. Barf!

Getting down with the wildlife.

New greenery climbing up in the garden.

Down on litterbugs!

Digging up/planting seeds.

May your Easter be filled with laughter, love and too much chocolate!

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Silent Sunday

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Later than late

I hadn't missed a week in the 112 weeks I've been doing the 365project but last weekend I was heading for a deadline and fitting work around the children meant I was all worded out by Sunday.

But I'm back with 14 days worth of 365'ing for the price of 7. What a deal eh?

The early worm doesn't get manhandled by an inquisitive child.

An early night for some grown up shoes.

Late afternoon light on these gorgeous front doors.

Aren't early morning park jaunts chilly? Apparently not if you are hurtling through space in a swing. 

Keeping you up misty moo?

No but this one was. Regular night time visits. But look, butter wouldn't melt.

How long till the fancy dress party? Yep, still another hour to wait.

Last one across the line is a looooser!

A box full of trouble.

When jean hems fray, a crochet hook comes to play.

Fast approaching the end of any quality shopping time.

The last drop. No wait. That's the last drop. Or actually that one.

Watching the blossom pop.

At last, in the garden.

Apologies again for my unnoticed absence last week.

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Silent Sunday